What is Victory Support Services?

Victory Support Services is a unique licensed home care agency/registry program, section 8 property manager and medical assistance home and community-based services provider of personal assistance and respite care. We offer an opportunity for people living in Pennsylvania, with severe disabilities who are not capable of self-preservation without assistance, to receive in-home care and supportive healthcare without having to go into a nursing facility. We also help those who wish to transition from a nursing, rehab facility or other institution, crisis or homelessness into accessible rental units or other residential community setting with the services and supports they choose to ensure their health and well-being.

Who Qualifies for Victory Medicaid Waiver Services?

Individual(s) who are living with three or more of the following functional limitations:
· Mobility
· Communication
· Self Care
· Self Direction
· Capacity for Independent Living
· Limited Capacity for Learning
They are ages 18 & Over.
They receive Medical Assistance (Medicaid).

A person is eligible to participate when:
1. They are being discharged or wish to transition from a hospital, sub-acute facility, rehabilitation facility, nursing facility or ICF/ORC or is being referred by family or a placement agency.

2. Requires a level of care that is equivalent to that of a nursing home as indicated on their physician certification form (which we can provide you with for your physician to complete) or is pre-qualified under the OBRA waiver.

3. They meet the eligibility requirements of the waivers below criteria:

-Independence: Ages 18 to 59 for individuals living with moderate to severe physical disabilities.

-PDA 60 PLUS: Offers services to individuals age 60 and older who require moderate to full assistance with their activities of daily living.

-OBRA: Offers services to individuals ages 18 to 59 living with Developmental Disabilities prior to age 22.

Victory's direct care, social service and healthcare staff have passed criminal and child abuse background checks and stand ready to provide quality care and help with your daily living. We also will help determine eligibility for waiver services and answer your questions regarding this opportunity to have the cost of your care covered.

Even hire a qualified friend or family member to become your caregiver.

Participant Expectation

There are four basic requirements:
Victory will be happy to provide professional and compassionate home care services on a private pay basis. Simply call to speak with our enrollment liaison to enroll for services and rates.

MEDICAID RECIPIENTS: Every person 18 and older on Medicaid, or their legal guardian, agrees to make Victory their Independence, PDA 60 PLUS or OBRA service provider to provide your authorized services in your home or place of residence in the community.

-The person is not cable of self-preservation without assistance with activities of daily living.
-Must be a Medicaid recipient. A pre-assessment will be conducted so that we can determine if your level of care makes you eligible for our program plus learn what your needs are to improve your experience